Live Pain Free!

Think going through life with physical aches and pains is normal? Think again.

We live in a society that tells us "squats are bad for our knees", "joint pain is just something we have to live with", "X-Rays and MRIs show the real truth so there must be nothing wrong" and  "surgery is really the only option".

Stop reaching for the bottle of Advil and start finding the true cause of the problem.


Create A Game Plan

Before receiving any kind of treatment, Sherine will do a full functional range assessment (FRA) to determine possible causes of your pain. Instead of relying on basic textbook knowledge to build you a personalized plan, she will rather look at the bigger picture by taking into account every aspect of your life from activities, work, past sports and past injuries.

Sherine's main goal is to permanently eliminate your pain and help you create sustainable new habits to prevent any further aches and physical distress. Together, both you and Sherine will create a game plan to get you back to your 100%. Rather than providing you with generic treatment and exercises, she will equip you with the proper tools you need to better yourself.  

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Find The Cause

Don't be injury-free. Become injury PROOF.