Move As A Human


You’re doing everything you’re supposed to, but something still isn’t right. Those nagging physical tweaks you can never seem to explain why it's there and shrug off "just because that's how it's always been". Maybe it's that one knee injury you've always dealt with since a skiing accident or maybe you've got a bad back because "you have a desk job Monday to Friday, 9-5".  

Many of us have been told to move more, but this assumes that any movement automatically means good movement. Unfortunately, training poor movement patterns actually creates a greater risk of injury.

While simply being active helps, it’s not just about getting off the couch. The solution isn't simply to move more.  We need to learn how to move BETTER.



1. of or having a special activity, purpose, or task; relating to the way in which something works or operates.
"there are important functional differences between left and right brain"
2. designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive.

Take Your Athletic Game To New Heights

Athletes excel in performing to an extreme. Often, with repetitive movement patterns. After hours, years and sometimes decades of performing, say, a baseball pitch, this athlete's rotator cuff and shoulder mobility will most likely not be in their best state. Looking to reset your body's functional range of motion? Look no further.


By understanding your body's mechanisms, this will guarantee an edge when attacking training, recovery and competing at a high level of athletics. Sherine will create a personalized plan based on your sport and history of injury to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge for what YOUR body needs.

Reaching out to health practitioners for support can offer some level of benefit. However, strictly relying on these occasional adjustments, rehab sessions and foam rolling may not do enough for the overuse one specific joint has gotten overtime. 

Start incorporating practical exercises into your training routine and get back to moving as a human.

Insanity is defined by continuously doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. - Einstein