Initial 1:1



What to expect during your first assessment:

Duration - 60-75 minutes

Before receiving any kind of treatment, Sherine will have a sit down chat with you about your history of injuries, current issues, what's nagging you when performing day-to-day tasks, your goals, health concerns, sleep and energy levels.

Secondly, Sherine will do a full functional range assessment (FRA) to determine possible causes of your pain and to gain accurate information to help create the best game plan for you.

She will...

  • test the passive and active range of motion of all your joints
  • have you perform an aerobic exercise for a cardiovascular test
  • go through a basic analysis of your full body's mobility with specific foundation movements   

Sherine believes in evaluating your body's anatomical hardware has the fundamentals to move properly through what your day-to-day looks like in order to create the best treatment plan for any individual.